DJ Rupture Spins Lit Crit

I’ve been following DJ Rupture’s blog, Negrophonic for a while, ever since a friend sent me a link to his album Golden Teeth Thief.  His blog regularly features good tunes, good writing, interesting perspectives on world music – including a good eye for innovation in Colombian music.  (Check his show Mudd Up on WFMU with Martin Verajano´s group, Chia´s Dance Party.)

Recently, he’s been writing about Latin American literature, particularly Cesar Aira.  (He says he’s been collecting his books.  Maybe we can work
out an exchange books for CDs or something.)  The last Aira book I read was Dante y Reina (with illustrations by Max Cachimba).  I tried re-reading it not too long ago.  I didn´t get that far.

Anyway, I thought I´d join his Book Club, or try to.  (I had to apply.)  They asked for suggestions for potential discussion books.  I said N.H Pritchard´s The Matrix or any Vertical Poetry by Roberto Juarroz.  I realized afterwards that they mostly read novels, but those were the only two that came to mind.  Recommending books is weird, especially to a book club.  I wonder if I´ll get in…

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