What Ever Happened to… Revs, City As School, and Goatmentis

Revs, of the graffiti duo Cost and Revs, did more than just sticker and roller bombing (although those made him famous).  In the 90s he also wrote an autobiography in spray paint, mostly in subway tunnels.  There were hundreds of entries.  A few years ago, there were rumors that he had a book deal.  I suppose that wasn´t true because there are now no traces of such a book.

I found a picture of the first entry, in a subway tunnel staircase:

And here are a few more entries:

But what about the rest of them?  I remember one on construction near 125th Street and Broadway. Or was that coming out of the 1 train tunnel?

In double-checking the possibility of a compliation of these pieces, I found this interview with Revs in a documentary called Bomb-It.  Oddly, in the video, old footage from the series Videograf is shown.  The interview seems to be from this year.

I thought for some reason that Basquiat did something similar.  However, what I found in pictures of his graff was either overtly political writing, or more esoteric stuff, under the name Samo.  In short, I think Revs´ project was very different.  Even the fact that pictures of Revs´ public journal are now collected makes them a different kind of object.

In looking for pictures of Basquiat´s work, I found out he went to City As School, which as kids in New York we used to call, City-As, totally denying the title it of its intended meaning.  Had a lot of friends that went there in high school.  It was half internship, half school, an alternative high school, so it had a mix of outcasts from all over the city. If only we knew Basquiat had gone there maybe we would felt like we were part of some legacy.  I wonder what growing up at that time would have been like with google…

Thinking back I associate City As School with expensive track bikes and the hardcore band Candiria, that for some reason was like the most popular band in that school.  We knew some kids that had a band there too, Goatamentis.  They were all from the Bronx, I think, but they used to play with at this studio on 27th Street called Funkadelic.

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