Tonight´s the Night – for a second

So the pianist Robert Glasper has a new album coming out in February.  I started listening to a few of the singles – I guess you’d call’em singles – and at 2: 53 of “Move Love” I heard the unmistakable piano lick of a Redman song from 1992 from Whut? The Album.  But that was accidental right?  It must be from some sample, I´m thinking.

I remember buying the Redman album from an old record store in my neighborhood that only carried House and Rap, mostly on vinyl.  I didn´t have a record player, so I got the CD.  I think I taped this video and watched it repeatedly.  (I can´t help but think now, when watching these old rap videos, it was all leading to an epic series called The Wire.)

So I started poking around on google to find the root of the Redman sample.  Turns out, it’s a Herbie Hancock melody in Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio’s “Tonight’s Da Night” looped.  So my question, is Glasper making a reference to Herbie Hancock or Redman or both.  I guess it doesn´t really matter anymore.

It´s something I´m seeing in a lot of Vijay Iyer´s concerts.  Allusions Well, not seeing literally, but listening to.  There´s something uncanny about, something X-men.

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