Disjunctive, Procedural, Language and Karaoke

I was reading the centennial issue of Poetry magazine a while ago and there was this article by Penelope Pelizzoni in it.  She goes through Poetry archives, reading lots of old poems, and from the sounds of it, she´s getting bored, except for the few poems she finds reason to re-print.  It´s an interesting approach to a kind of boring idea, but anyway, there´s a sentence that made me realized that I know pretty much nothing about poetry:

“Today, though, after Language and Procedural and Disjunctive poetries have canonized the super-intellectual, the poem reads like its own relatively coherent arena of action.”

Language.  Okay, I know the basic tenents maybe a few works, a magazine, most of the poets associate, who – from what I gather – no longer write Language poems.  But what the are Procedural and Disjunctive poetics?  I tried hashing it out in my head.

Procedural, is maybe like conceptual.  Poems that involve procedure.  Found poetry.  Cut-ups.  Erasures.  Whatever.  (I’m guessing.  Maybe I’m wrong about this.)

Disjunctive is where the language is disjointed.  Take something we know and make it weird.  It’s Modernist stuff, mostly.

So I guess I know something about poetry, enough at least to read this essay and write about it on a fifth grade level. (By the way I realize that wasn’t the author’s intention, but I just wanted to contextualize her statement.)

Ah! But what of Karaoke? This poem by Anna Vitale in the Abraham Lincoln Review has me thinking:

“I want a girl with their Annie shring sox, ears, or a IBM bong

(at least two pair) a fab bandage and id attitude

that’s all I need to keep a ego mind doom”

It took me a while to appreciate its poetics – essentially a poem to the tune of LL Cool J’s “Roundaway Girl”, which for whatever reason always gets stuck in my head (“standing at a busstop, sucking on a lollypop”). I think this is really interesting and was wondering (1) if Anne Vitale has written more poems like his (2) Are there other poems that utilize Karoake poetics?

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