Library Delivery? Thank you BLAA

There is something called library delivery. Yes, a delivery from a public library. For 5,000 pesos the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Colombia´s public library system is delivering three books to me. I ordered them online this morning and now I just wait. Already the computer system has requested I return those books by October 5th.

If you remember Kosmos sort of worked like this. You could order anything online and they would deliver it. This system makes much more sense in a place where the streets are always backed up, and getting around isn´t all that easy. Plus there are people who are studying and leave very far away. Now they´re saved the trip.

I should add that the BLAA has a great selection, even for books in English. As far as I know it´s the only place you can find a Dennis Cooper novel in all of Colombia. Honestly, when I tell people this they almost don´t believe me, or maybe don´t care. Here, it´s not like in NY, where the public is kind of for everyone (or more recently for those that can afford those public services fought for in the Progessive Era and onwards), I get the impression it´s mostly students who´ve been assigned things that are going there.

Maybe I should wait for my books to arrive before I get all excited.

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