My 5 Favorite Poems of 2012

Although some of these poems were published in 2012, this is closer to a record of the words that were ringing in my ear last year, because I will surely soon forget the names of them or their authors and I hate that.

1. Diatribe of the Poor Poet by Gustavo Espinosa (trans. Charles Hatfield)

When Pablo Neruda corrected the proofs
to his Ode to Poverty,
he was already as big and fancy as a hot air balloon:
a poet resembling a tapir or the moon
who had clogged up
labyrinthine sewer pipes
in ocean liners, pagodas and embassies
with pompous defecations…

2. Hurry, Wet Diagonal by Anne Vitale

After coming back to this poem a number of times, I think I was missing the more obvious and probably valid feminist reading of this. I like all the nonsense works and the karaokae poetics.

I want a girl with their Annie shring sox, ears, or a IBM bong

(at least two pair) a fab bandage and id attitude

that’s all I need to keep a ego mind doom…

3. Clifton Webb by Linda Kunhardt

I read this many times before making some effable sense of it. Something about the term “low-definition attorneys” that could either be literal (I mean there are lots of kinds of lawyers) or figurative (“low-definition” is something we associate with output) or visual presence (this is an example of a visual translation of the words in Greek).
4.  Waves by Joey Bada$$

The mirror rhymes that run through this song without breaking its rhythm are admirable. I´ve been hearing this in my head for the past two months.

Since 95 my mother been working 9-5

And I know the landlord fed up our lives

So we pray to the gods, the Jahs and the Allahs

to keep us safe and watch our lives.

5.¨jesucristo en lentejuelas¨ por Goyeneche

I read more poetry in English, however I did get to read this relatively young poets stuff in an anthology.

5. Land of Nod by James Arthur



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